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Holocaust Documentary Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Children of Holocaust Survivors

Children of Holocaust Survivors

Berlin Calling: An Extraordinary Journey from the Punk era and Back Again.
"How did a punk-loving girl with a Mohawk touch a nerve in her father that traced back to his time under Hitler's oppression of the Jews? Follow a second-generation Holocaust survivor on a journey of discovery through five cities to uncover her father's story and what happened to him during his childhood in the dark days of Berlin and the Holocaust."

Breaking the Silence: The Generation After the Holocaust
"Documents a group discussion in which young adults share their common experience of having parents who survived the Nazi Holocaust.”

Daddy Come to the Fair
"Fifty years after the Holocaust, Mordecai Vilozhny returns to Poland with his two children. Through the pilgrimage Mordecai and his two children are finally liberated from the pain of the Holocaust."

A Generation Apart
"A powerful yet personal documentary about the children of concentration camp survivors coming to terms with their parents and the Holocaust legacy.”

I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors
"An animated adaptation of Bernice Eisenstein's illustrated memoir of her 1950s childhood as the daughter of Yiddish-speaking parents whose experiences during the war, while rarely spoken of, were nonetheless a constant presence."

The Gold Fish
"A daughter's search for her lost family stretches from Australia to Trinidad and WWII Germany. Rich with archival images, Su Goldfish's autobiographical documentary echoes through all those touched by forced migration. Manfred Goldfish tried to suppress the trauma that made him a refugee in 1939. When his filmmaker daughter unearths her father's extraordinary story, she also discovers where she belongs. Su Goldfish was raised in Trinidad, but moved to Australia when she was thirteen, following an attempted military coup. As a child, Su didn't realise she was white. As an adult, she finds a new family in Sydney's queer community, learns she is Jewish and that she has half-siblings on the other side of the world. Told through a personal archive stretching across a century, this search for one lost family echoes through all those touched by forced migration."

Last Stop Kew Garden
"A journey to a place that became the last stop for Holocaust refugees, and the 'Americanized' kids that grew up there in the 1940's and 50's, in the heart of New York City.”

Second Generation
"Ten children of Holocaust survivors participate in a group psychology session at the Ein-Kerem Monastery."

Shisha million ve'ehad = Six Million and One
"Joseph Fisher's memoir was discovered only after his death. His children refused to confront it, except for David, the filmmaker, for whom it became a compass for a long journey. When he found it unbearable to be alone in the wake of his father's survival story and his struggle not to lose his sanity, David persuaded his siblings to join him in the hope that this would also contribute to releasing tensions and making them as close as they used to be. They, for their part, couldn't understand why anyone should want to dig into the past instead of enjoying life in the present. In the dark depths of the B8 Bergkristall tunnels, part of the Austrian KZ Gusen II concentration camp, where their father had slaved during the Holocaust, illuminated only by flashlights, the Fishers seek meaning in their personal and family histories. As their deepest pains are exposed, they find themselves crying and laughing, in bitter-sweet scenes that give this personal film a rare sense of intimacy." - Wikipedia

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