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Holocaust Documentary Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Resistance


Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh
"Tells the life story of Hungarian-born poet and Holocaust heroine Hannah Senesh, who was only 22 when she parachuted into Nazi-occupied Europe as part of a rescue mission to save the Jews of Hungary. Dramatizations, interviews, photographs, newsreel footage, letters, and diary entries are used to illuminate Senesh's early years, her immigration to Palestine, her involvement in the perilous rescue mission, and her capture and eventual execution in Hungary."

Daring to Resist: Three Women Face the Holocaust
"Story of three teenage girls, Barbara Rodbell, Shulamit Lack, and Faye Schulman and their exploits during the Jewish Holocaust in various European countries."'

The Defiant: The Holocaust Memoirs of Shalom Yoran
"After his parents were killed, Shalom Yoran refused to yield to the German onslaught, and chose to become a Jewish resistance fighter. Based on the acclaimed book by Yoran, this documentary is the personal re-telling of the author's Holocaust memoirs, a true story of survival and courage in the darkest days of World War II. Filled with archival footage, this is the amazing and moving story of a handful of courageous men and women who fought against incredible odds, who truly were 'the defiant.'"

Diary of the Last Heroes:  The Warsaw Ghetto  Uprising 1943
"The surviving members of the Jewish high command tell in details the gripping story of the Warsaw Ghetto revolt."

Flames in the Ashes
"Through the testimony of eyewitnesses, this documentary presents the different aspects, forms, and scales of Jewish resistance in Nazi-controlled Europe during the Holocaust."

Forests of Valor
"Rare archival footage from Soviet military museums sheds new light on the story of the Jewish underground, the resistance fighters and partisans who fought the Nazis while hiding in the forests of Eastern Europe. We travel deep into these forests to see the Jewish underground's weapons caches, their hiding places, as well as their escape routes from the ghettos."

Ghetto Uprising: The Untold Story
"The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising has become a symbol of heroism throughout the world, but it's generally accepted story is incomplete. Among the fighters was a group that was not granted commemoration, although it was responsible for the uprising major battle."

Holocaust Story: A Look in the Eyes of Resistance
"Rescue of Jews in France."

Not Like Sheep to the Slaughter: The Story of the Bialystok Ghetto
"In the summer of 1943 a small group of resistance fighters attempted to thwart the Nazi plan to eradicate the Bialystok ghetto. Survivors and witnesses discuss this act of the Jewish resistance movement during the Holocaust."

Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans
"This documentary presents the story of the bravery of Jewish underground fighters and partisans who fought in the forests of Poland, Lithuania and Belorussia between 1941 and 1945. This group memoir told by 11 men and women now in their 70's and 80's who detail their battle first for survival then for revenge."

Resister dans les camps nazis: des deportes juifs temoignent
"We will present the different forms this resistance has taken and the values ​​transmitted by the deportees by their testimonies. 8 testimonies of deportees..."

Unlikely Heroes
"Contrary to the view of some that Jews caught up in the terror of Hitler's Europe were passive, this film highlights previously unknown stories of extraordinary men and women who exemplified courage and human dignity during the Holocaust. Features archival film and photos and new sequences shot on location."