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Holocaust Studies *: Reference Works (Electronic)

This guide is intended to help any faculty, graduate, or undergraduate student find resources in the area of Holocaust Studies.

Reference Works - Electronic (Selected Titles)

Encyclopaedia Judaica
"...includes a wealth of information about Judaism. Combines an extensive alphanumeric references as well as supplementary lists, hundred year calendar 1920-2020, Israel Place List, references to Hebrew Newspapers and Periodicals, Synagogues, and other resources." 

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
"This outstanding comprehensive sourcebook of the worst in human behavior throughout history also includes instances of some of the best responses. It is aimed at the adult general reader but will be valuable for both specialists and older students studying the destruction of a people. The editor and contributors are broadly representative of academic experts around the world, and some of them have had extensive involvement with the subject.The 350 signed, well-documented entries, varying from 500 to 5,000 words, as appropriate, are arranged alphabetically. The topics comprise the diverse aspects of crimes against humanity--acts and consequences, cultural memory and representation, international institutions and laws..."

 Holocaust Literature: An Encyclopedia of Writers and Their Works
"A major addition to Holocaust Studies, this encyclopedia synthesizes a wide range of literary voices and provides a compelling look at more than 300 novelists, poets, memoirists, dramatists, and others writers who experienced the Holocaust (1933-45) or otherwise integrated the subject into their works. Some experienced the Holocaust firsthand in places like Auschwitz, the Warsaw Ghetto, or Babi Yar, while others lived through it in the U.S., Europe, or elsewhere. Still others were influenced as second- and third-generation writers, as children of survivors, or via other routes. The editor is a professor of English at Kansas State University, where she teaches courses in Holocaust literature and film. The wide range of contributors (from Europe, the U.S., Israel, and elsewhere) greatly enhances the relevance of this work, as scholars from around the world interpret the Holocaust from a variety of perspectives..." - Booklist

Immigration and Asylum: From 1900 to the Present
"This encyclopedia truly is a 'comprehensive and timely examination of the history and current status of immigrants and refugees.' Covering the period from 1900 to the present, it offers nearly 200 signed entries authored by more than 150 scholars from around the world. Each entry includes a list of references that usually cites primary as well as secondary sources..."

Propoganda and Mass Persuasion: A Historical Encyclopedia. 1500 to the Present
"This work has been designed as an easily readable survey of propaganda and its history from 1500 to the present. An extensive introduction defines propaganda and traces its origins, concluding with a discussion of the importance of propaganda in the twentieth century and the increasing prominence given to it. The introduction also notes that, although propaganda often serves to 'dictate what one should think,' it is not necessarily evil..."