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Holocaust Studies *: Reference Works (Print)

This guide is intended to help any faculty, graduate, or undergraduate student find resources in the area of Holocaust Studies.

Reference Books - Print (Selected Titles)

Antisemitism: A Historical Encycopedia of Prejudice and Persecution
"Written by top scholars in an accessible manner, this unique encyclopedia offers worldwide coverage of the origins, forms, practitioners, and effects of antisemitism, leading to the Holocaust and surviving to the present day..."

Holocaust Literature
"This set of essays is an excellent, comprehensive reference source. Entries describe and review more than 100 core works, and give information about their authors. Histories, biographies, diaries, etc., form two-thirds of the list, while the rest consists of literary fiction, poetry, and drama. Well-known authors such as Anne Frank and Primo Levi are included, but it is the representation of a wide variety of other writers and more recent works that make the volumes outstanding..."

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust
"These three volumes are a translation and abridgment of the 30-volume Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities published in Hebrew by Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Remembrance Authority of Israel. Over 6000 communities are profiled by an international set of scholars. Each community is listed alphabetically in bold face by historical name, with current name, district, country at the time, and current location (e.g., Poland, today Belarus) also given as appropriate..."

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
"The Holocaust as event and idea has reached and influenced every corner of the world: from history and politics to religion and culture; from the Nazi apparatus to the racist ideas (and ideologies) that fueled it; from chronicles of mass destruction to tales of resistance and rebellion. All of these aspects (and indeed almost every aspect) are covered here in original signed articles, current in scholarship and easily readable. The writing is neither dispassionate nor hysterical, but keenly analytical from a variety of committed perspectives. The set is thoroughly indexed and cross- referenced, and illustrated with rare photographs, maps, and diagrams. A chronology of events related to the Holocaust helps to compensate for the fragmentation inevitable in encyclopedic arrangement. Even the term 'Holocaust' is subjected to examination."

The History of the Holocaust: A Chronology of Quotations
is unlike most books on the subject for several reasons. First, its writings are culled from a wide variety of sources, including speeches, laws, public opinion polls, diplomatic conferences, and firsthand accounts. In using such a wide variety of source material, Langer portrays the Holocaust from several perspectives and provides a well-rounded portrait of the Final Solution, as well as of the reactions of those involved and those who chose to be uninvolved."

The Oryx Holocaust Sourcebook
"This book brings together hundreds of resources in the burgeoning area of Holocaust material, saving the researcher much time and effort scouring bibliographies and Web sites. Seventeen chapters cover, among other items, general reference works, narrative histories, fiction, books for children and young adults, periodicals, Internet resources, sound recordings, and information on organizations, museums, and memorials. The focus is on Holocaust-related materials in English published since 1990."

The Routledge Atlas of the Holocaust
"The graphic history of the Nazi attempt to destroy the Jews of Europe during the Second World War is illustrated in this series of 333 detailed maps. The maps, and the text and photographs that accompany them, powerfully depict the fate of the Jews between 1933 and 1945, while also setting the chronological story in the wider context of the war itself..."

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