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Communication Studies *: RefWorks 2.0 Tutorials

Research Guide for Communication Studies

RefWorks Online Tutorials

RefWorks has a series of tutorials at YouTube:

I. Learn to Use RefWorks in 20 Minutes Basic features to get started (7 videos + 2 for Write-N-Cite 4)

1.0 Introduction - Learn to Use RefWorks in Twenty Minutes 0:47

1.1 Accessing RefWorks, Creating an Account, and Logging In 2:53

1.2 Adding References to RefWorks Using Direct Export 2:14

1.3 Organizing Imported References into Folders in RefWorks 2:07

1.4 Searching for References in Your RefWorks Account Using Quick Search 2:15

1.5 Creating a Bibliography Instantly in RefWorks 1:53

1.6 Using Write-N-Cite III to Manage Citations and Create Bibliographies in Microsoft Word 5:01

RefWorks Write-N-Cite 4: Installing & Logging In 2:09

RefWorks Write-N-Cite 4 - The Basics: Inserting Citations & Creating Bibliographies 4:21


II. RefWorks Fundamentals More of the fundamental features in RefWorks. (6 videos)

2.1 Searching Online Catalogs or Databases in RefWorks 3:15

2.2 Adding References to RefWorks by Importing Text File 2:09

2.3 Adding References to RefWorks by Manual Entry 1:55

2.4 Finding Full Text and Saving File Attachments in RefWorks 3:33

2.5 Managing Folders in RefWorks 7:12

2.6 One Line/Cite View 5:08


III. RefWorks Advanced (6 videos)

3.1 RefGrab-It: Adding References to RefWorks from Web Pages 4:42

3.2 Adding References to RefWorks Using RSS Feeds 4:03

3.3 Searching Your RefWorks References Using Advanced Search and Lookups 5:25

3.4 Editing Many RefWorks References at Once Using Global Edit 6:44

3.5 Using My List in RefWorks 3:06

3.6 Backing Up and Restoring Your RefWorks Account 3:44


IV. Sharing Your RefWorks References (6 videos)

4.0 Introduction to Sharing References in RefWorks 0:29

4.1 How to Share References in RefWorks 1:38

4.2 RefWorks Sharing Option 4:03

4.3 Viewing a Share as a Guest 3:58

4.4 Working with Shared References in Your RefWorks Account 2:51

4.5 Working with the Shared Area 0:55


V. RefWorks Output Style Editor Customize existing bibliographic output styles or create your own. (4 videos)

5.0 RefWorks Output Style Editor 0:53

5.1 RefWorks Output Style Preview 1:56

5.2 Editing and Creating RefWorks Output Styles 3:56

5.3 Bibliography, In-Text Citation, and Note Settings 4:30

5.4 Reference Type Definitions 5:24

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