Japanese Studies *: Guide to Noh

General research guide for Japan/ Japanese studies, consisting of English and Japanese sources.

Introduction to Noh

As one of the traditional forms of theatre, Noh is based of song and dance performed by actors wearing masks and costumes. The Lyric drama, "Noh," and the comic theatre, "Kyogen", are usually played together and called "Nogaku" as a whole. Nogaku has its roots in the performing arts brought from China in the Nara period in the 8th century. 

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Basic E-Resources for Noh

Best place to start learning Noh such as fundamental knowledge, history, masks, performance techniques and popular performances including audiovisual excerpts: 

Advanced E-Resources for Noh

Information from a non-profit organization and theatre such as fundamental knowledge, stage performances, including interviews with performers: 

Watch Noh

Selected DVD titles available at USC Libraries: