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Using InscriptiFact in the USC Digital Library

Provides information on how to search InscriptiFact and view objects in the collection in the Digital Library

Searching Inscriptifact

InscriptiFact  can be found here: 

One can search by name of the artifact or text, text or publication number, museum number, excavation number, language, script, medium, corpus, time period, and other key words.

Important! Search terms with more than one word or number need to be enclosed in quotation marks.

Conventional images can be viewed online and downloaded as full resolution JPEGs.

Reflection Transformation Imaging (RTI/PTM) images cannot be viewed online, but can be downloaded. For desktop viewers, see:

            InscriptiFact Standalone Viewer:

            Cultural Heritage Imaging Viewer:

More detailed instructions on how to search and perform advanced searches in the Digital Library can be found in Navigating the Digital Library Libguide.