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Using InscriptiFact in the USC Digital Library

Provides information on how to search InscriptiFact and view objects in the collection in the Digital Library

Common Corpora

Common corpora:

Aramaic Texts from Ancient Egypt

Biblical Manuscripts

Dead Sea Scrolls

Scarab Amulet/Seal from Ancient Egypt

Northwest Semitic Monumental Inscriptions

Northwest Semitic Ostraca

Northwest Semitic Stamp Seals and Seal Impressions

Ugaritic Texts

Numismatic Inscriptions

Non-Northwest Semitic Monumental Inscriptions

Non-Text Artifacts

Northwest Semitic Amulets and Incantations

Inscribed Objects, Miscellaneous

Non-Alphabetic Cuneiform Texts

Early Alphabetic Inscriptions

Cylinder Seals

Coptic Papyri

Persepolis Fortification Archive

Greek Papyri