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Accessibility Training for Teaching Assistants at USC

Organized and developed by a collaboration between Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Graduate Student Government (GSG) and USC Libraries as a resource for acccessibility training for teaching assistants.

Process of Accommodation Letters

  • Each student individually registers with OSAS and submits documentation to request an accommodation.
  • Once a student's accommodation is approved (this typically takes about 2 weeks), they will be able to generate an Accommodation Letter through MyOSAS.
  • Students are then responsible for delivering their Accommodation Letter to Faculty and TAs via hardcopy or email.
  • Instructors should expect students to disclose their registration with OSAS and their approved accommodations in each course, each term. 
  • After receiving an Accommodation Letter, Faculty should confirm receipt of the Letter and follow-up with the student if any additional information is needed.
  • Accommodations may not be applied retroactively, so encourage your students to send you their Accommodation Letters at the start of every semester.
  • Students are responsible for providing reasonable notice of intention to use an accommodation. For example, making use of approved testing-related accommodations involves planning with an instructor, or OSAS, at least one week in advance.
  • OSAS is happy to consult with any instructor or department regarding questions on how best to implement a student’s approved accommodations, or to address any concerns an instructor or department may have. Please contact the student’s OSAS Specialist directly, or contact their front desk at