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Accessibility Training for Teaching Assistants at USC

Organized and developed by a collaboration between Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Graduate Student Government (GSG) and USC Libraries as a resource for acccessibility training for teaching assistants.

RSVP Prevention Education

What prevention education does RSVP provide?

  1. Required workshops are assigned based on academic level and time since enrolling at USC (e.g., incoming First-Year and Transfer undergraduate students refer to ‘Year 1’)
  • Trojans Respect Consent - Undergraduate Year 1
  • Healthy Relationships - Undergraduate Year 2
  • Upstanders Act Now - Undergraduate Year 3
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention - Graduate Year 1 (will be launched in 2022-2023 academic year)
  1. Outreaches - RSVP holds awareness month events or collaborates with different departments on campus. To find out more about outreaches, you can follow RSVP on Instagram @voice_rsvp. To collaborate or invite RSVP to your event, email
  1. Requested presentations - Departments or organizations may reach out to RSVP with specific presentation requests. They can fill out this form or email