Veterans Services @ USC: Programs at USC

This guide provides contact information for available services at USC for Veterans.

USC Student Affairs

The office of Student Services provides an informational page of Resources for Veterans and where you can become familiar with USC's long tradition of support for the Military.  

USC Online - Graduate and Professional Programs

Military Students at USC 

USC has online programs that provide students the opportunity to take classes that have the same level of academic rigor, professors and opportunities as on-campus classes. In addition, the USC Online Program office will work to make sure the students are successful, whether at home or abroad.

Programs Include

Business and Accounting


Computer Science


Education and Teaching


Geographic Information Science

Health and Medicine


Library Science



Public Policy

Social Work 

  ROTC Programs @ USC

 AFROTC Detachment 060


Naval Reserve Officers Traning Corps

USC Marshall Masters of Business for Veterans

Master of Business for Veterans (MBV)                                                  * From the USC Catalogue 2014/2015

This program is designed for veterans who wish to gain formal business knowledge and develop critical thinking skills to manage or grow a business. Significant project and course work is completed during the two-semester program. Class sessions meet over 18 full-day sessions each semester, offered on the University Park Campus in downtown Los Angeles. 

Applications are due by June 1st for a program start date in August. Application information is available online at For additional information, contact the Marshall Office of Executive Education at (213) 740-8990 or by email at .

This program requires 25 units that will be taken in lockstep fashion. These courses are thematic semesters that are interdisciplinary in nature.


BAEP 551 Introduction to New Ventures 3
GSBA 561 Evaluating Market Performance 9


BAEP 549 The Entrepreneurial Journey 2
GSBA 572 Strategic Planning for Growth 11
Total units:   25

USC School of Social Work

USC School of Social Work

The USC School of Social Work offers programs of study leading to the Master of Social Work (MSW) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in social work. These programs provide the student a broad background of knowledge about health and welfare problems, the meaning of programs past and present that have been established to meet them, and current issues and policy trends in the field.

At the same time, the student is helped to become a professional person through development of a philosophy in harmony with that of the profession: to prevent and mitigate severe social problems that challenge the viability of culturally diverse and complex urban settings; to build on the strengths of individuals, families and communities; and to lead the scholarly search for innovative, efficacious and just solutions.

Montgomery Ross Fisher
Building 214
Main: (213) 740-2711
Admissions: (213) 740-2013
FAX: (213) 740-0789

Degree Programs

The School of Social Work offers the Master of Social Work (MSW), the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and the dual Master of Social Work/Doctor of Philosophy, Social Work (MSW/Ph.D.) degrees. In addition, the school offers dual degrees with the schools of business; gerontology; law; medicine; public policy; and Hebrew Union College.

Military Social Work and Veteran Services                                                * From the USC Catalogue 2014/2015

The School of Social Work offers a Military Social Work and Veteran Services sub-concentration in the MSW curriculum targeting military personnel, spouses and other military dependents and military retirees who wish to maintain a post-military career affiliation with the armed forces; military veterans who wish to provide professional services to their military comrades; and civilian personnel who are committed to assisting military personnel, their families and military veterans with adapting, coping and managing the stresses and strains of military life and post-military life.

Course Requirements

Beyond the basic professional social work foundation course requirement of the Master of Social Work degree, the sub-concentration in Military Social Work and Veteran Services will offer a series of highly specialized courses focusing on the needs of military personnel, veterans and their families. Students will take three courses in special topics that focus on this sub-concentration. Individuals pursuing the Military Social Work and Veteran Services sub-concentration will also be able to select from a variety of highly relevant elective courses that will serve to enhance their training and future service delivery capabilities.

Field Instruction

Students must complete a 600-clock hour internship in a military hospital, base/installation family services unit, Veterans Affairs, Vet Center, etc.

Learn More About the MSW@USC and the Virtual Academic Center follow the link below:

Programs Offered at USC

Lifestyle Redesign® for Veterans

Lifestyle Redesign® for Veterans is focused on empowering veterans who have returned to college to succesfully transition to college life. This program also helps connect veterans with other veterans at USC, by joining their facebook group (search "USC Veterans").

Fees apply. May be covered by insurance.

Contact: (323) 442-3340