Course Reserves: Physical Reserves & Locations

Instructions and FAQ

Reserve Desks and Contact Information

Accounting and Business Library

DeCao Huynh

(213) 740-5027


Architecture & Fine Arts Library

Tony Gonzalez

(213) 740-1956


Leavey Library

Danny Pacheco

(213) 821-2521


Music Library

(213) 740-0183


Norris Medical Library

Frances Lezcano

Muriel Munguia


Philosophy Library

Christina Snider

(213) 821-4443


Science & Engineering Library

Ricardo Pena

(213) 740-8507

Physical Reserves Overview

To place a book or other USC-owned material on reserve, you will need to submit the request in ARES which then routed to the designated reserve desk.  USC-owned material will be pulled from the shelves after a request for the physical reserve is placed in ARES.

An instructor can submit their own personal copy to be placed on reserve or request for USC-owned material to be placed on reserve. Please keep in mind that personal items are used by your students and normal wear and tear may occur. USC Libraries assumes no liability for damage to personal items placed on reserve. If you are dropping off a physical item to be placed on reserve, please print and fill out the following Drop-off form and include it with the item:

Reserve Request Drop-off Form

A Reserve Request Drop-off Form will need to be filled out when dropping of reserve material at the reserve desk.  The form will be provided, at most reserve desks, and information on the form will pertain to the course details and assist in creating reserve records in our library catalog system. Please note that if neither a personal copy is provided or if the book/DVD is not owned by USC, you can still place the request on ARES and select the option to be considered for purchase and added to the USC library collection.

Reserve Desk Locations

Physical reserves locations available in USC Libraries can be viewed on the left.  USC's 24-hour Leavey Library holds the majority of physical course reserve books and other materials such as DVDs where students can access them.

Physical items may also be placed on reserve in any of the libraries listed on the left column depending on your department, subject area, or location on campus.  Please see the individual library and contact information for further information or questions.

Loan Periods

In ARES, instructors can set the following circulation periods:

  1. 3 Hour
  2. 1 Day
  3. 3 Day

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