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Access to ARES requires your USC Net ID and password.  Your USC NetID, which is sometimes also referred to as your "username", is the first part of your USC e-mail address; the part before the "@". For example, if your email were '' you would enter 'ttrojan' in the USC NetID box. Your password is the same as the one you would use to access email using the USC email system.

Logon to ARES:

First time instructors: after logging into ARES, please contact IDD via phone (213-740-4020) or email  to set your access level to INSTRUCTOR so you can create your course(s), submit reserve requests, and manage your course content.


The following helpful guides are instructions on using ARES to create courses, upload or request material to be placed on physical and electronic reserves, clone courses, and adding Proxy users. Please note that these guides are in PDF format.

How to create a course on ARES

How to add an article/chapter to an ARES course

How to add a book or physical item to an ARES course

How to add a Class Proxy User to an existing ARES course

How to add a Full Proxy User to your ARES account

How to clone a course on ARES