Course Reserves: Overview

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ILL & Document Delivery (IDD)

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Gaby Garcia - ARES Supervisor

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Gabe Vincent - Head, IDD

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What is ARES?

Automated Reserves System (ARES) manages course reserves including electronic reserves and physical reserve requests. Maintained and operated by the Integrated Document Delivery (IDD) department, the ARES database differs from Blackboard as it is supported by USC Libraries staff to manage physical and electronic reserve requests obtainable and available from library resources. 

You can access ARES at:

ARES is a single point access for instructors and students for online reserve services which can include articles from journals or periodicals or book chapters. In ARES, instructors can:

  • Create a course site(s) within ARES to centralize their physical and electronic reserves access for students
  • Submit physical reserve requests (book, personal book copies, DVDs, etc.) for their course(s)
  • Submit electronic reserve requests for articles, book chapters, and other materials from library resources*
  • Upload their own or existing articles, book chapters, and other documents for their course(s)
  • Clone (copy) a class from a previous semester or year and re-post reserve items without having to resubmit individual requests the following semester  
  • Link to USC Libraries e-resources

As outlined above, ARES manages multiple requests for reserves per class such as physical books and electronic reserves.  USC's 24-hour Leavey Library holds most physical course reserve materials where students can readily access them.  However, material may be placed on reserve in any of several libraries on campus.  See Physical Reserves & Locations for a list of library reserve desks and contact information.

*Please see the Copyright Guidelines & Rules tab for more information.


Electronic reserves allow students to access materials from any computer with internet access.  Items on electronic reserve may be accessed from a library kiosk, computer lab, campus dormitory or off-campus remote location.  Formats of electronic reserves range from PDFs, Word documents, and web links to full text journal articles, and personal uploads such as syllabi.

Aside from submitting requests on ARES, instructors have additional functions such as assigning proxy user(s) or other assigned person(s) to manage the ARES courses other than the professor.  The proxy user can submit or cancel requests, manage course content, and clone class(es). 

If you need additional information call IDD at (213) 740-4020 or

Accessing ARES

Access to ARES requires your USC Net ID and password.  Your USC NetID, which is sometimes also referred to as your "username", is the first part of your USC e-mail address; the part before the "@". For example, if your email were '' you would enter 'ttrojan' in the USC NetID box. Your password is the same as the one you would use to access email using the USC email system.

Logon to ARES:

First time instructors: after loggin into ARES, please contact IDD via phone (213-740-4020) or email to set your access level to INSTRUCTOR so you can create your course(s), submit reserve requests, and manage your course content.