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Scholarly Communication (Health Sciences)

What is Scholarly Communication?

Scholarly communication is the term for the formal and informal systems through which scholarly research materials (data, manuscripts, images, etc.) are created, evaluated for quality, disseminated, used in research and education, and preserved. 

If you create research, find research, or use research findings, you take part in scholarly communication! Some ways you might participate in scholarly communication described on this guide or others made by the Libraries:

  • Creating and managing a persistent scholarly profile to ensure others can identify you and your works by setting up a Researcher ID and profile.
  • Re-use, copy, and re-mix other's scholarly publications, following copyright and licensing conventions.
  • Determining the impact or reach of specific publications, to gauge the value of a scholar's work over time.
  • Find  potential journals to publish in; assess journals to select the one best matching your publication goals.
  • Using Open Access publishing to disseminate your publications to a larger audience.
  • Complying with Public Access Mandates to make your data and/or publications freely available.
  • Get help with Data Management: making a plan to describe, store, and share your data.

Check out the tabs of this Scholarly Communication guide to get help with these concepts, and contact the USC Libraries with questions about other aspects of scholarly communication not discussed in this guide.