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Health Sciences Mobile Resources: Help

Selected apps and websites for iPad, iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices.

Welcome to the Mobile Resources Guide!

This guide includes apps and mobile-friendly websites which may be helpful for health sciences students, staff, and faculty. Some of these sites are paid for by the USC Libraries, and others are freely available to all.

Click on the tabs above to learn about resources for clinical information tools, drug information, study aids, journal article databases and journals, or consumer health. All apps and websites are selected by librarians at the Norris Medical Library and Wilson Dental Library.

Contact the reference service for help with selecting, installing, or using apps on your device.

Find more recommended apps

Many professional groups review and suggest apps in their newsletters and journals. Examine communications from professional groups you are a part of for additional lists curated for your profession.


Have questions on using technologies? Check out these sources!


The words used to describe portable devices are confusing and continue to evolve.

App: An software application on a smartphone.

Mobile-friendly website: A website that is specially formatted to be readable and useable on the smaller screen of a mobile device.

Handheld devices, Mobile Devices, and handheld computers are synonyms and include both SmartPhones and PDAs.

SmartPhone: Combines computing functions with phone functions. SmartPhones connect to the Internet via phone networks or wireless networks.  Examples are iPhone or Android operating system. Most SmartPhones have a proprietary method for getting apps onto the phone (such as the Apple iTunes Store or Android Market).

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA): A handheld computer. Does not have a phone function and usually does not connect wirelessly to the Internet. PDAs are usually "synchronized" with a desktop or laptop computer when adding software or updating messages or the operating system.

When considering purchase, factor in the cost of the hardware, the service costs, and the cost of software.

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