Streaming Media (Videos & Music): Showing films to remote users

USC Libraries offers several options for streaming video, music, and other media from various platforms.

How do I show films to remote users?

With many courses being moved online, please consider the following guidelines for sharing streaming films:

  • If you are teaching faculty, you may stream a film to your class in session or as part of coursework or homework. This is similar to face-to-face teaching guidelines. These activities are covered by our educational license.
  • If you plan to stream a film to a group as part of a film festival, for an organization, or in a non-class gathering, the film must be in the public domain or you must check to ensure public performance rights PPR (or the legal right to publicly show a film) granted through the Libraries license or on your own.

If you are unsure how the films you are selecting can be screened, please contact Caroline Muglia for more information. If the Libraries does not retain PPR, our process is to contact the supplier to determine if the PPR can be purchased through an additional license. The length of this process varies and details about the screening (number of expected audience, date, time, location, etc. will be needed).