Streaming Media (Videos & Music): Adding videos to your curriculum!

USC Libraries offers several options for streaming video, music, and other media from various platforms.

Librarian-How do I ensure the Libraries can access titles?

If you are working with a professor who would like to add streaming media to their curriculum, the easiest way to share streaming options is to direct the professor to this LibGuide!

  1. Share links to streaming media platform: All of the streaming services (with the exception of Swank) provide unique titles in a wide range of subjects and languages. Kanopy Streaming Service and AVON are both patron-driven platforms that operates in the same way as our eBook demand driven program. Two triggers activates a purchase for the Libraries. Of course, no user needs to know these details. The professor clicks into the platform, and searches for the title. 
  2. Try Swank, when others don't have title: If the title is unavailable through any of the platforms, Gabe Vincent in ILL will check Swank for the title. Swank normally contains streaming popular, feature-length titles. The service is only available through ILL and cannot be searched by users.
  3. Ask professor what they really need: On several occasions, teaching faculty are interested in showing concepts and don't mind if a specific title is unavailable. Each of the platforms offers topic/subject searches that could help facilitate a conversation about what is really needed from the video.

If none of these options work, don't give up. There's still hope:

  1. Buy it, add it to Reserve: The Librarian can buy the physical DVD, assuming it's not in the Leavey collection or not yet owned by the professor. The DVD can be put on Reserve for viewing. Another option is to make a suggestion to Anthony Anderson, the collection developer of DVDs, to purchase the title for the general collection.

Of course, you can always email Caroline Muglia and Gabe Vincent We will email the providers and ask them if the title will become available soon.

Teaching Faculty-How do I flag or add titles to my curriculum?

More and more teaching faculty are integrating streaming video into their curriculum whether it's full-length films or segments and clips. You can add stable links to Blackboard, Moodle and other learning management systems, create playlists for students to access, and user audio players to supplement the content. The platforms USC Libraries subscribes to includes Alexander St. Press, Academic Video Online, Digitalia Hispanica (Spanish), Egeda (Spanish), Kanopy Streaming Service, and Sage Videos (Counseling & Psychotherapy only)

You can also find these databases on our A-Z Databases list.

  • You can search for a specific title. If it doesn't appear, email your library liaison or Caroline Muglia
  • You can browse topics/subjects for concepts and ideas.