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Bioinformatics Software: Partek Flow: User Policy

Partek Flow User Policy

  1. Partek Flow is provided free to all USC faculty, staff, students, and authorized USC-affiliated researchers.
  2. First-time users are required to meet with the USC Libraries Bioinformatics Service team for initial training and analysis set up.
  3. Given the limited number of Partek Flow servers and the amount of time required for NGS data analysis, all analysis scheduling will be overseen by the USC Libraries Bioinformatics service team and are subjected to adjustment to ensure an efficient and fair access for all users.  
  4. For our HPC Flow server, users are responsible for disk space required by raw data files and results files output by Flow.
  5. For our workstation-based Flow servers, we only provide short-term disk space for raw data files and results files.  It is users' responsibility to backup their own data and results.   
  6. Users with large data sets (total raw data size>500GB and/or number of samples >100) must contact us for special permission before initiating the analysis.