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Interprofessional Education (IPE): Competencies & Evaluation

Guide for the Interprofessional Education (IPE) Committee at USC. Includes meeting minutes, information, and research on IPE.


At the 1/24/12 IPE Committee meeting, members unanimously voted to adopt the WHO/Thistlethwaite Competencies. No Ostrow School of Dentistry representatives were in attendance and therefore were not available for a vote.

Evaluation tools discussed in 2013

In 2011-2012 the IPE Committee examined several instruments for use in IPE evaluations. In 2013 discussion shifted to identifying additional instruments specifically for evaluating IPE in a clinical setting. The articles below describe one or more instruments that have been used to evaluate clinical IPE activities. These focus on instruments completed by the learners themselves (as opposed to instruments used by observers) and that have been validated.

Evaluation tools discussed in 2011-2012