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Chem 322a/325a: Organic Chemistry: Citations and Full Text

Elements of a Citation

*If there is an issue number, it is usually found after the volume number, but before the page number(s).

The sample above is only an example. The formatting may or may not be 100 percent accurate for the citation style you are using. Please refer the applicable style guide.

Citation Refresher

If you need a reminder of when to cite and how to cite, visit the "Articles Citation" tab on the Chem 105b guide.

Full-Text Articles

Articles are only as good as your ability to find the full-text of an article. Without the full-text, you do not get the graphs, tables, references, and supplemental information. Usually the full-text article is not available in the database, but on a different website. USC Libraries has provided the “Find it @ USC” link to directly link to the full-text article, if available. Occasionally, USC Libraries does not have a subscription to the journal the article appears in. When clicking the “Find it @ USC” link, you will be told to request the article via interlibrary loan (ILL).

Citation Linker

If you already have a complete citation for an article. The fastest way to find the full-text article is to use a citation linker tool.