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William Shakespeare: Other Websites of Interest

Other Websites of Interest

ERIC: The English Renaissance in Context
"A NEH project, ERIC was designed to provide scholars and students at a variety of levels with access to major texts of the English Renaissance in their original versions. ERIC grows out of both contemporary critical tendencies in the field of English Renaissance studies and a commitment to providing broad access to original source materials that would otherwise be out of reach for many."

The Folger Shakespeare
"There are plenty of places on the Internet to find clean texts of Shakespeare’s plays, but this is the best. Using the texts from their terrific Folger Library Shakespeare series, they’ve made 38 plays and 4 poems available online to download or copy." - Clear Shakespeare

The Howard Furness Shakespeare Library (University of Pennsylvania)
"A collection of primary and secondary sources, including both texts and images, that illuminate the theater, literature and history of Shakespeare, Shakespearean texts, theatrical performances, and criticism, Furness Library resources are now being selectively scanned and mounted here to make them available for class and research use."

Internet Shakespeare Editions
"The aim of the 
Internet Shakespeare Editions is to inspire a love of Shakespeare's works in a world-wide audience. To do so, we create and publish works for the student, scholar, actor, and general reader in a form native to the medium of the Internet: scholarly, fully annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays, multimedia explorations of the context of Shakespeare's life and works, and records of his plays in performance."

"An excellent clearing house for all things Shakespeare. It includes reviews of productions from all over, as well as discussion forums and resources for students." - Clear Shakespeare

The Shakespeare Standard
"A true grab bag of Shakespeare on the web. It hosts everything from original articles to Shakespeare news and reviews to newsletters and educational resources." - Clear Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Words
"The best online glossary to all the strange, confusing, and beautiful words that appear in Shakespeare’s works. Based on David and Ben Crystal’s incredible book, also called Shakespeare’s Words, it lets you look up any word instantly. It even features full-text editions of the plays with the definitions linked in!" - Clear Shakespeare