Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility + Anti-Racism: Professional Development

Professional Development Resources


This section contains resources for further professional development. The resources have been put together from various sources and focus on aspects like difficult conversations, diversity and sense of belonging and more. Use these resources as you continue your DEIA+AR journey and hope they can help you on this path.

Diversity, Inclusion, Power of Privilege and Sense of Belonging

Given all that we are seeing happen in the world right now, we’re hearing a lot about the concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion (or EDI). As someone who has been teaching EDI concepts for almost two decades now, I know first-hand how vital each of these concepts are in creating more accepting, inclusive workplaces and societies where everyone feels comfortable living as their authentic self. I also know that the unique concepts of equity, inclusion, and diversity can be tricky to describe and that far too often we are presented with generalized definitions that fail to capture the nuances of and differences between these distinctive principles.

This TedTalk focuses on myths and misconceptions regarding DEI. It goes in depth on what can be defined on social identities, diversities and how to achieve equity. 

Pedagogy and Sense of Belonging


This talk will introduce the "Multi-Dimension" model of privilege, which is a holistic, comprehensive approach to teaching the concept of privilege. Additionally, exercises and suggestions will be offered to practitioners around effective application and pedagogy of the Multi-Dimension model; ultimately helping to create greater awareness and understand of privilege as students, practitioners, and community members.

Carin Taylor shares why a sense of belonging is a critical part of DEI strategy. A sense of inclusion cannot be complete without a sense of belonging. The Ted talk focuses on how to be empathetic, create conditions for a sense of belonging and to create sense of acceptance

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