Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility + Anti-Racism: Professional Development - Micro agression

Professional Development Resources

Understanding Microagressions

What are micro-aggressions? How does it look like in the classroom? This video addresses these questions and how do avoid these behaviors and language.

Racial, ethnic and gender preconceptions in our social interactions are prevalent sources for micro-aggressions. We need to understand the source of behavior and learnings that promote micro-aggressions.This video tries understand and address preconceptions that lead to behavior that promotes micro-aggresions. 

CET Resources

A downloadable document for easy reference to various types of difficult conversation. Use in conjunction with the webinar focusing navigating difficult conversations, to gain a fuller understanding and practical ideas for the classroom. 

This webinar from CET guides the viewer on navigating difficult conversations. It discusses how course design and understanding students can help to orient and navigate conversations on difficult topics.