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Black History Month

Book Club Resources

Interested in starting your own book club?  Explore the resources below for interesting titles and resources to get started. Find a title you like, then search the USC Libraries catalog to see if we own a copy.  Submit an interlibrary loan to request titles not owned. 

National Library of Medicine

  • The Diverse Voices in Health & Medicine Collection Development Project helps build collections that reflect voices of the communities served, as revealed through such genres as graphic medicine, fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, Young Adult, manuscripts (published and unpublished), oral histories and film. Click here to explore the four collections. 
  • Read about the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) Reading Club. Then explore the collection of 21 featured health topics and 78 book titles focused on public health wellness topics here
  • Click here to explore a list of resources related to African American mental health, anti-racist reading materials, cultural competency, NLM African American and race history, racism in science, and more. 


Schomburg Library

Schomburg - Black History Month Resources

  • The #SchomburgSyllabus is an archive of new and recent educational resources relating to Black studies, movements, and experiences. By connecting these materials to the Schomburg Center’s collections, we honor and recognize the source and strength of Black self-education practices, collective study, and librarianship. The #SchomburgSyllabus is curated by Schomburg Center staff and organized into 27 themes to foster a greater understanding of the Black experience.
  • For 95 years, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture has preserved, protected, and fostered a greater understanding of the Black experience through its collections, exhibitions, programs, and scholarship. In response to the uprisings across the globe demanding justice for Black lives in 2020, the Schomburg Center published its Black Liberation Reading List. The 95 titles on the list represent books we and the public turn to regularly as activists, students, archivists, and curators, with a particular focus on books by Black authors and those whose papers we steward. Explore the lists for kids, teens, and adults, to discover relevant titles. 
  • Explore these thematic reading lists that complement and expand on the Schomburg Center’s Black Liberation Reading List and discover the lives and legacies of influential Black figures, key moments in the history of Black America, and picture books for younger readers celebrating Black characters and families.

Girl Trek

Build resilience by taking your book club out on the road. Girl Trek is a national movement that combines exercise and education. The mission is to inspire a habit of daily walking, the Black History Bootcamp podcast provides stories of Black resilience and resistance help Black women navigate through these uncertain times. Listen on your own, join a group, or start your own team of trekkers.