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Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

Library Orientation

This self-paced tutorial will introduce USC faculty, staff, and students to USC Libraries resources and services. You will have the option to download a certificate of completion.

Library Workshops

PubMed Advanced Search Builder - 4 min. Video Tutorial

PubMed@USC Database Searching

This 3 video series provides instruction on how to search PubMed@USC for evidence-based practice literature to answer a quantitative foreground clinical question. 

Video 1 – Search Strategy and Search Options  ~ 12 min.

  • This video provides an overview of the overall PubMed@USC Database Searching series. It also goes over PICO to identify search concepts, how to develop a search strategy using keywords and Boolean operators, as well as how to search using the Clinical Queries filter and the Advanced Search Builder.

Video 2 – Database Features & NCBI Account ~ 12 min.

  • This video goes over how to manage, save, and share results in PubMed@USC, and how to register for an NCBI account.

Video 3 – MESH controlled vocabulary ~ 8 min.

  • This (optional) video goes over how to search PubMed@USC using MESH controlled vocabulary. Recommended for anyone planning to work in the field of research.

Mendeley Reference Management Software Tutorial

Evidence-based Practice Database Searching Tutorial

Tutorials & Videos


How do I find more database guides & tutorials?

  1. Search Google or YouTube for the name of the database plus training/help/tutorial. 
  2. Go into the database and look for a help section or question mark (?) icon.