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WRIT 340: Advanced Writing Communication for Engineers

Research Guide for students in WRIT 340 Engineering.

Group Project: USC Wrigley Institute for Environment and Sustainability Recommendation Report

Our Task

We will be working in small groups of approximately four members. Each group will develop a recommendation for WIES. Your group will seek to provide recommendations regarding one of two water retention and reclamation priorities within and surrounding their WMSC campus on Catalina Island. The two priorities your group will choose between are:

  • Wastewater processing and reuse (gray and blackwater) utilizing 21st-century methods and technologies.
  • Rainwater runoff through their canyon, typically lost into the nearby cove, which is environmentally protected.

As noted above, your group’s recommendation will focus on either the wastewater priority or the rainwater priority. Within that priority, your group might begin by ascertaining:

  • What WIES currently knows about this priority, what aspects of this priority they know little or nothing about, and about which aspects they would like more analysis or knowledge.
  • Whether WIES has already taken some action toward addressing this priority, or if they have current plans to take action in the future.

From that, your group can begin considering its contribution. Perhaps your group will seek to:

  • Introduce WIES to specific technologies or methods, and their application.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of currently applied technology or methodology.
  • Determine new or ongoing scientific research or technology research and development WIES could conduct or participate in.
  • Reveal educational or training opportunities stemming from the priority by utilizing the site to teach:
    • Environmental awareness.
    • Responsible practice, methods, or technologies.
    • Effective stewardship of regional landscapes and animal habitats.
  • Development of support materials, such as websites or interactive data.