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Focused on resources related to consumer insights and marketing research

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This guide provides an overview on USC Libraries resources related to consumer insights and marketing resources.

Suggested Search Terms

Suggested Search Terms for Consumer Behavior/Insights

  • Brand
  • Brand behavior
  • Brand choice
  • Brand loyalty
  • Brand preference
  • Brand purchase
  • Brand selection
  • Brand psychology
  • Buyer behavior
  • Consumer attitudes
  • Consumer behavior
  • Consumer motivation
  • Consumer preference
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Consumer psychographics
  • Consumer psychology
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Customer loyalty
  • Market segmentation
  • Market surveys
  • Neuromarketing
  • Target marketing

Suggested Search Terms for Groups of Consumers

  • Affluent (wealthy) consumers
  • African-American consumers
  • Aged (elderly or older)
  • Asian-American consumers
  • Baby boom generation
  • Baby boomers
  • Consumers with disabilities
  • Child, adolescent, preteen,
    teen, tween, or teenage
  • Female or male consumers
  • Gay (or lesbian, queer,
    transgender) consumers
  • Generation X consumers
  • Generation Y consumers
  • Generation Z consumers
  • Hispanic-American consumers
  • Latino-American consumers
  • Low-income (lower) consumers
  • Middle-aged consumers
  • Millennial consumers
  • Millennials
  • Minority consumers
  • Mothers or fathers
  • Rural consumers
  • Urban consumers
  • Well educated consumers
  • Women or men consumers
  • Working (workforce) consumers
  • Working mothers/fathers
  • Young consumers

Suggested Search Strategy for Brands or Products

Use any of the above suggested search terms with the name of a brand, company, product, or product line in order to retrieve articles on a specific aspect of consumer analysis or group of consumers.

For instance:

  • Affluent consumers AND Porsche
  • African-Americans AND entertainment
  • Hispanic-Americans AND Ford
  • Millennials AND car insurance
  • Working mothers AND fast food restaurants


List adapted from The University of Akron University Libraries 2018 "Consumer Analysis."


Additional Resources

Additional Resources