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Focused on resources related to consumer insights and marketing research

This guide provides an overview on USC Libraries resources related to consumer insights and marketing resources.

Suggested Search Terms

Suggested Search Terms for Consumer Behavior/Insights

  • Brand
  • Brand behavior
  • Brand choice
  • Brand loyalty
  • Brand preference
  • Brand purchase
  • Brand selection
  • Brand psychology
  • Buyer behavior
  • Consumer attitudes
  • Consumer behavior
  • Consumer motivation
  • Consumer preference
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Consumer psychographics
  • Consumer psychology
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Customer loyalty
  • Market segmentation
  • Market surveys
  • Neuromarketing
  • Target marketing

Suggested Search Terms for Groups of Consumers

  • Affluent (wealthy) consumers
  • African-American consumers
  • Aged (elderly or older)
  • Asian-American consumers
  • Baby boom generation
  • Baby boomers
  • Consumers with disabilities
  • Child, adolescent, preteen,
    teen, tween, or teenage
  • Female or male consumers
  • Gay (or lesbian, queer,
    transgender) consumers
  • Generation X consumers
  • Generation Y consumers
  • Generation Z consumers
  • Hispanic-American consumers
  • Latino-American consumers
  • Low-income (lower) consumers
  • Middle-aged consumers
  • Millennial consumers
  • Millennials
  • Minority consumers
  • Mothers or fathers
  • Rural consumers
  • Urban consumers
  • Well educated consumers
  • Women or men consumers
  • Working (workforce) consumers
  • Working mothers/fathers
  • Young consumers

Suggested Search Strategy for Brands or Products

Use any of the above suggested search terms with the name of a brand, company, product, or product line in order to retrieve articles on a specific aspect of consumer analysis or group of consumers.

For instance:

  • Affluent consumers AND Porsche
  • African-Americans AND entertainment
  • Hispanic-Americans AND Ford
  • Millennials AND car insurance
  • Working mothers AND fast food restaurants


List adapted from The University of Akron University Libraries 2018 "Consumer Analysis."


Additional Resources

Additional Resources