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This guide provides information and links in the field of public administration and related sub-disciplines

Reference Resources for Basic Background Information

These databases enable you to search the contents of handbooks, encyclopedias, and other reference books in a variety of subjects.

USC Library Catalogs

The library catalogs list materials owned by the USC Libraries and the libraries for Law and Health Sciences.


The primary location for all materials is the Von KleinSmid Center Library for International and Public Affairs. The collection emphasis is on personnel management, organizational theory, public policy, public and non-profit management, and ethics in government. Additional coverage is included for environmental and natural resources management, administrative law, and comparative public administration. There are no geographical limitations, but particular emphasis is placed on European countries in support of the European Union documents collection. With the exception of administrative theory and ideology and classic texts in public administration, only mid- to late twentieth century and current materials are maintained in the VKC Library. Holdings consist largely of scholarly journals, monographs [books], newsletters, and collections of essays or conference proceedings. Individual titles of institutionally sponsored research papers may be acquired on a case-by-case basis. Materials in public policy and public administration at a professional and practitioner level are purchased selectively. Collecting efforts in domestic public administration emphasize material either published in or translated into English. Materials in major European languages are purchased highly selectively, except in support of the international documents collection. For a more comprehensive overview and analysis of the current collection policy, GO HERE [pdf].

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