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USC Study Cafe - Study Sessions with Breaks for Health & Wellness

Connect with your fellow Trojans at the USC Pomodoro Study Cafe. Sessions will be guided Pomodoro study sessions with curated wellness breaks. Additional resources are linked on this guide.

Breaks for Health & Wellness - short breaks to help you avoid burnout and relieve stress

Break Menu

Take restorative breaks during long study or work sessions so you maintain energy, calm, and focus. Or use these break activities between classes, meetings, and at the start or end of day.  

 - At the end of each 25-minute work session, take an appetizer break (< 5 min).

 - At the end of every two hours, take an entree break (> 5 min).

Appetizers (< 5 min)

USC Kortschak Center for Learning & Creativity
USC Recreational  Sports
USC Student Health
USC Physical Therapy
USC Libraries

ENTREES (> 5 min)

USC Recreational Sports
USC Student Health
USC Physical Therapy
USC Libraries