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Oral Health Equity

Resources for oral health equity, social determinants, and health disparities in dental education and practice.

Oral Health Equity

Welcome to the Oral Health Equity research guide!

This guide:

  1. Provides resources for oral health equity, social determinants, health disparities, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism in dental education and practice.
  2. Supports dental faculty in integrating issues related to oral health equity into their courses. 
  3. Aligns with USC's unifying value of diversity, equity, and inclusion

ADA Health Equity Toolkit and Action Plan 2022-2025

The American Dental Association defines Health Equity as optimal health for all people, and strives to address the inequities that exist in oral health care through member education, public awareness, legislative awareness, and organizational engagement.   

Overall Goal of Oral Health Equity = Reduction of Oral Health Disparities

ADA Triple Aim of Health Equity: Implement health in all policies; Strengthen Community Capacity; Expand understanding of health

  • Oral health is an essential component of overall health. Every individual should enjoy a basic level of oral health that allows each to eat, work, learn and live in a state of wellness that precludes any semblance of oral pain or dysfunction. 
  • Access to dental care should be appropriately considered, designed, and funded to address the oral health needs of the community and be sufficiently scaled in size to have maximum impact.
  • All dental safety net settings, whether public, private or a collaboration of both, should offer comprehensive oral health care that meets the needs of the individuals and communities in which they are found.