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Oral Health Equity

Resources for oral health equity, social determinants, and health disparities in dental education and practice.

Tackling Inclusivity and the Future of Oral Health

Webinar Description

Historically, medicine and oral health have been separate professions, leaving many people to have access to a medical provider but not a dental provider. What is striking about this professional separation is that the mouth is not separate from the body. Oral health is key to overall health, and yet for many Americans and people around the world disparities in outcomes is a reality. In this presentation, we will consider how to tackle inclusivity around oral health, addressing workforce and population-health outcomes, challenges in science and methodologies which limit the degree to which we can advance equity in research, and finally, the barrier of inclusivity in translational science. Just as we cannot separate from mouth from the body, oral health must be considered as we promote equity through workforce solutions, science, and research.