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Native American and Indigenous Studies *

Ethnopharmacology Collection

American Indian Ethnopharmacology Collection  This collection of material on American Indian traditional medicine is located at the Norris Medical Library, in the Webb Room (upper level)

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Bibliographies

Reference sources are extremely useful for providing authoritative overviews and background information on a topic. They will give you the terminology and the key names, dates and concepts that can be used when conducting online searches for scholarly articles, books, as well as for searching for primary sources and historical newspapers. Many reference sources also provide extensive bibliographies that list the important and influential scholarship on a given topic.


Selected Online Reference Books:

A Companion to American Indian History  (2004)

Encyclopedia of North American Indians (1996)


 Large Online Reference Collections:

Gale Virtual Reference Library 

Oxford Reference Online Premium

Selected Print Reference Resources:

American Ethnic Literatures: Native American, African American, Chicano/Latino, and Asian American Writers and their Backgrounds: An Annotated Bibliography (1992)

American Indian Culture (2004)

American Indian Quotations (1996)

Chronology of American Indian History (2007)

Companion to American Indian History (2002)

Documents of American Indian Diplomacy: Treaties, Agreements, and Conventions, 1775-1979 (1999)

Encyclopedia of American Indian History (2008)

Encyclopedia of the American Indian in the Twentieth Century (2015)

Encyclopedia of Native American Healing (1996)

Encyclopedia of Native American Legal Tradition (1998)

Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes 3rd ed. (2006)

Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes of North America (2014)

Encyclopedia of American Indian Literature. (2007)

Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes (1998)

Historical Dictionary of Native American Movements (2016)

Native American Periodicals and Newspapers, 1828-1982: bibliography, publishing record, and holdings (1984)