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Law, History & Culture

This is a research guide for locating primary and secondary sources relevant to the study and research done in the Law History & Culture major

Primary Sources

Primary sources are original documents or first hand accounts from a given historical period, as opposed to secondary sources, such as journal articles or biographies, which offer in depth analysis and interpretation of events and primary sources.

Primary sources can take many forms, including: newspaper articles from the period, diaries, letters, photographs, autobiographies, posters, advertisements, original manuscripts, speeches, poems, oral histories, interviews, laws, transcripts, congressional hearings, pamphlets, and much more. 

Start your search for primary sources by doing some background reading to find key events, people, dates, laws, and especially terminology used during the time period you are researching.

Primary Sources, United States

Large newspaper collections:

State and regional newspaper collections:

Primary Sources related to women's history: