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19th Century U.S. History

Resources for the study of 19th-Century U.S. History

Core History Databases for locating secondary sources on 19th Century History topics

Start your research with these databases:

19th Century Studies Journals

Civil War History - Foremost scholarly journal of this conflict

19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century

Journal of Victorian Culture

Nineteenth-Century Literature

Victorian Literature and Culture

Victorian Studies The interdisciplinary journal of the North American Victorian Studies Association that publishes essays on topics from literature, social and political history, fine arts, science, philosophy, economics, and law.

Lastly, Try These Multidisciplinary Databases

Multidisciplinary databases are extremely useful for finding articles published in interdisciplinary journals or in journals outiside a given discipline that may still be relevant to your research topic.

In addition to containing journal articles, many of these database also provide citations for (or full-text access to) books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference proceedings, which allows you to cast a wider net in your effort to find sources.

Find out if USC has a Specific Journal

If you are looking for a specific journal, select Journals on the Libraries homepage:

If you have the exact title of the journal, search for the title and on the Results page, select "Sort by: Title":

If we have online access to this publication you'll see one or more results, with the dates available and the name of the database or publisher linking you to the journal. If we have the journal in print or on microfilm you will see location information under the "Availability" section of the item record.