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Resources to help you complete your required Pharm D Scholarly Project.

PSP overview

The PSP is designed to give students the opportunity to develop analytical thinking skills and expose students to the process of scientific inquiry, teaching them how to analyze literature, formulate an answerable question, gather data, and go through the methodology of appropriate scholarly investigation. The PSP may encompass a wide variety of disciplines including science, clinical, educational, behavioral health, health services, community, and epidemiological activities.

Minimum requirements

  • Proposal submission and approval
  • A minimum of 200 hours of fieldwork per student
  • Completion of three PharmD Scholarly Project courses. This includes:
    • A final report with an abstract
    • A poster describing the findings of the project

Types of research which could be conducted

Your scholarly project must answer a hypothesis-based question. This may include contributing to larger projects being conducted by your project advisors. Each student will be asked to clearly define their role in the project proposal. Examples of acceptable types of research for a scholarly project include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic Science/ Bench Research
  • Clinical/Outcomes Research
  • Educational Research
  • Database Research
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Structured Chart Review (e.g., Medication Use Evaluation)
  • Meta-analysis
  • Structured Literature Review (publishable)
  • Survey
  • Quality Improvement Study
  • Systematically conducted literature reviews

Support for all aspects of research

The books below cover the entire research process, from defining a question to creating a report.

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