Pharmacy Student Scholarly Project: Help for Mentors

Resources to help you complete your required Pharm D Scholarly Project.

Mentor roles and responsibilities

Pharm Ds working on their scholarly projects have two mentors: an assigned faculty mentor from the USC School of Pharmacy, and a chosen mentor who can be anyone with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience to serve as a research mentor (e.g. a USC faculty member from any school, preceptor, or other health care professional).

Mentors must be named on the initial project proposal, and are encouraged to collaborate with students on research planning and design. Mentors' work with students is the first check to ensure the proposed research meets FINER criteria (Feasible, Interesting, Novel, Ethical, Relevant). Mentors are also expected to guide students throughout the research and poster creation processes, but each group will have different needs for support in these times.

The tabs above provide information resources and help for each step of the research process. The materials linked are available to all USC students, staff, faculty, and preceptors. You may use these sources throughout your work with students in addition to sharing your own preferred sources.

Learn about mentoring for research

Forms for mentors

Forms and registration information for mentors. Coming soon!