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PBL: Linda's Improved Smile

This guide will help you resolve learning needs for the "Linda's Improved Smile" PBL case.

Dental Librarian

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Jennifer Silverman

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC
Wilson Dental Library
925 W. 34th Street, DEN 21
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0641

Using library resources to resolve learning needs

About this guide:

  • For all PBL cases, you will be using scholarly resources, in most cases, textbooks, to address your learning needs.
  • You can use the resources listed in this guide to search for textbooks, look up information in clinical databases, or find scholarly articles.

Good places to start:

  1. Search within the specific textbooks listed on the Textbooks page of this guide using keywords (search terms) related to your learning need. Case relevant keywords are listed on the Keywords page of this guide. 
  2. Search within books on the “Recommended Textbook List for PBL,” linked at the top of the Textbooks page.
  3. Search for textbooks in ebook collections (Access Medicine, Clinical Key, Stat!Ref, R2 Library) using keywords related to your learning need.
  4. Search the library catalog for additional textbooks, using keywords related to your learning need.
  5. For some cases, you may have to search for additional articles using the databases listed on the Databases page of this guide.
  6. For some cases, you may need to consult the resources listed on the Articles & Websites page of this guide. Evaluate any sources you find from an internet search.

E-Book Collections

Catalog Search (Primo)

Catalog Search

Dictionaries (for reference)