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LGBTQIA+ Health and Cultural Competency

LGBTQIA+ health & cultural competency resources for healthcare providers.

LGBTQIA+ Health & Cultural Competency Guide

This guide provides LGBTQIA+ health and cultural competency resources for healthcare providers, educators, and students.

Intersex inclusive pride flag

LGBTQIA+ Health & Cultural Competency Tutorials (designed to be completed as a series)

What is Cultural Competency & Cultural Humility in Healthcare?

The term "cultural competency" is used for this guide because this is currently the most established term in healthcare and education contexts. However, many prefer the term "cultural humility" because competency implies that there are a set of standards that we can learn which will make us cultural competent in all situations and contexts present and future. On the other hand, cultural humility acknowledges that language and practices are contextual and constantly changing. In addition to learning about other cultures, cultural humility involves a life-long commitment to self-reflection and self-critique about one's own beliefs, biases, and assumptions. 

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