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Communication Data Science

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Communication Data Management falls into several disciplines such as; communication, business, education, technology, etc.. Here are databases to start your research looking for scholarly articles, magazines, trade publications, case studies, and grey literature. Once you have identified your topic, check to see if it is too specific, if it is, work toward a general focus. This will help you generate a list of keywords, or concepts related to your topic. 


organization behavior, theory, group dynamics, externalization, explicit knowledge, theory, tacit knowledge, internal

Use AND, OR, NOT to connect your phrases/keywords

to locate both organizational behavior AND theory

to locate either word information OR knowledge

to locate (the first word) theory NOT study

 * truncation symbol

organization*  organization, organizations, organizational

Communication Research Databases

Here are a few databases to begin your research:

Engineering Databases

Technology Related

Business Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

Math related


Psychology Databases