SOWK 506: Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Finding Journal Articles

Research guide for students in SOWK 506. The person-in-environment, bio-psycho-social perspective is the lens through which theories of personality, family, group, organization, community, culture and their interactions are explored.

General Search Options

Recommended Library Databases

The databases below cover specific subjects. Select the database based on your topic. For example, PsycINFO, which covers mental and behavioral health, would be good for articles about interventions or depression.  Topics pertaining to education, try ERIC and topics about older adults, try AgeLine.

Recommended Journals

Articles provide research and analysis of a particular topic. Journal articles are more in-depth and specialized. 

Peer-reviewed articles

Peer-reviewed articles are considered the best examples of research in a given field because of the standards and the long process of review that articles go through to determine the validity and credibility of the research.

Ulrich's Periodical Directory will tell you if a journal is peer-reviewed (refereed). Type in the journal's name and look in the "Refereed" field.

Watch the short tutorial below for more tips on identifying peer-reviewed articles.