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NIH Public Access Policy: Video 1: Overview


Watch video on YouTube (6:02)

PowerPoint slides

Provides an overview of the NIH Public Access Policy and answers the following questions:

  • What is a PMID? What is a PMCID?
  • What is the NIH Public Access Policy?
  • Who is responsible for this compliance?
  • How can a manuscript be submitted to PubMed Central? 
  • How do I locate more information about this process?


PMID = PubMed Identification number

It is a unique number assigned to each article indexed to PubMed. An article receiving a PMID requires no particular effort from the author. A PMID is included in a PubMed Citation below the abstract. 

PMCID = PubMed Central Identification number

A PMCID is a PubMed Central Identification Number. PubMed Central is a free full-text archive of the National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine. This unique number is assigned to each article submitted to PubMed Central. The PMCID verifies that articles have been submitted to PubMed Central in compliance to the NIH Public Access Policy mandate. Note that not all PubMed citations have a PMCID. 

Methods of Compliance

Adapted from Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives Compliance Process Diagram: