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Multimedia Resources (Health Sciences)

Videos, images, and sounds for instruction, posters, presentations, and studying.

Case studies

These case studies are intended for use in small groups with a trained facilitator, not for self-study. These sources include multiple case studies. Search within for a specific disease state or skill gained by the learner to find specific cases.

Tips for finding more case studies

In addition to the case study resources listed in this guide, many textbooks contain case studies. Individual case studies embedded in books are not listed by title in the catalog.

To find electronic textbooks, search the library catalog and limit your search results to Availability > Available Online AND Material Type > Books. Possible search terms include case studies, case scenario, or case review.

In addition to looking for entire books about case studies, consider looking for a textbook about a topic, and reviewing the table of contents for individual cases embedded in the book.

Catalog Search (Primo)

Catalog Search