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Visions and Voices: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Dance DVDs in Leavey Library

A guide to research on dance to accompany the Visions and Voices program featuring Alvin Ailey Dance Theater.

Dance DVDs at Leavey Library

Listed below are primarily documentary and performance videos of dance located in Leavey Library's DVD collection. Most DVD's can be borrowed for up to three days from the circulation desk and there is viewing equipment in the library. Search the HOMER catalog by title for summary descriptions of a particular video.

  • 3 by Martha Graham [LVYDVD 2469]
  • Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater [LVYVID 533]
  • Alvin Ailey: Memories and Visions [LVYDVD 3202]
  • L'Art de la Danse Baroque: Folies d'Espagne, de la Notation à l'Interpretation [LVYDVD 3695]
  • Asian/Asian-American Perspectives on Modern Dance [LVYDVD 3223]
  • Ballerina: An Intimate Portrait of Five Ballerinas from the Kirov [LVYDVD 5717]
  • Beyond the Steps: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater [LVYDVD 2628]
  • The Care and Feeding of a Dancer [LVYDVD 4026]
  • Countdown: Reflections on a Life in Dance [LVYDVD 5869]
  • Creating Physical Theater: The Body in Performance [LVYDVD 3801]
  • Dance Class for the Actor [LVYDVD 3164]
  • Dancing in the Light: Six Dances by African-American Choreographers [LVYDVD 2585]
  • Dancing on the Edge: Selections from the American Dance Festival Archives [LVYDVD 5141]
  • Dancetime! : 500 years of Social Dance [LVYDVD 4828]
  • Donna Cerio's Ballet Technique with a Broadway Flare: Ballet Class Choreographed to Original Broadway Show Sound Tracks [LVYDVD 6163]
  • Downtown Dance: New York, Volume 1 [LVYDVD 5151]
  • Ethnic Dance Around the World [LVYDVD 3206]
  • Getting Your Kicks!: A Beginners Guide to Choreography [LVYDVD 6105]
  • Gil Roman y el Béjart Ballet Lausanne: El Esfuerzo y el Animo [LVYDVD 5867]
  • The History of Modern Dance [LVYDVD 5135]
  • How to Choreograph [LVYDVD 3163]
  • In My Hands [LVYDVD 3824]
  • Introduction to Baroque Dance: Dance Types [LVYDVD 5155]
  • Jazz Changes: A Retrospective of Jazz Dances and Dances Set to Jazz 1948 to 1974 [LVYDVD 6106]
  • Jazzdance by Danny Buraczeski: End of an Era [LVYDVD 6317]
  • Jerome Robbins: Something to Dance About [LVYDVD 3203]
  • Laban's Legacy [LVYDVD 3800]
  • The Makers of Modern Dance in Germany [LVYDVD 2496]
  • Many Steps: The Origin and Evolution of African American Collegiate Stepping [LVYDVD 6213]
  • Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Park Avenue Armory Event [LVYDVD 7232 + booklet]
  • Mirror Dance = La Danza del Espejo [LVYDVD 5159]
  • Musical Theater Dance [LVYDVD 6114]
  • A New Dance for America: The Choreography, Teachings, and Legacy of Doris Humphrey, 1895-1958 [LVYDVD 5928]
  • The New Dance Group Gala Concert: An Historic Retrospective of New Dance Group Presentations, 1930's-1970's [LVYDVD 3427]
  • Paul Taylor, Dancemaker [LVYDVD 6107]
  • Positive Motion: Challenging AIDS through Dance and Ritual [LVYDVD 7974]
  • Split Sides [LVYDVD 5834]
  • Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film [LVYDVD 5221]
  • Understanding Pina: The Legacy of Pina Bausch [LVYDVD 5139]