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Chem 115a: Advanced General Chemistry: Chemistry Resources

Chemistry Dictionaries and References

This is a short list of available chemical dictionaries and reference sources available here at USC. These sources are important for finding reliable and authoritative chemical information.

General Science and Engineering Databases

Databases are useful for searching for journal articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, patents, etc. Most times when you use a database, you will be doing topic searching. The science database listed below, Web of Science, is a very powerful tool to search across various disciplines, journals, and years.

Topic searching is only as good as the topic being entered. Before you click search, utilize Boolean terms, like AND, OR, and NOT, to help refine your search. After clicking search, use refine results tools to help narrow down the number of citations.

Chemistry Databases

Specialized chemical databases, like the ones below, provide a much more in-depth tool to find chemical information. These databases can provide literature on how to prepare compounds (preps), patents, and much more in-depth information.

These links are here for you to explore and try these resources. There will be a more in-depth tutorial in Organic Chemistry.