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Nineteenth-Century Literary Studies: Additional Electronic Resources

This guide focuses on resources for the study of nineteenth century literature, with special emphasis on primary resources. Its origin can be traced to a 2003 research orientation offered to a graduate seminar on 19th-Century British Literature.



Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 56,646 biographies of people who shaped the history of the British Isles and beyond, from the earliest times to the year 2004.

Historical Newspapers Online (USC Electronic Resources). 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century indexes to The Times (London) and the New York Times.


Nineteenth-Century Fiction
250 novels from the period 1782 to 1903, including works by all the major Victorian novelists such as Dickens, Thackeray, the Brontes, Eliot and Hardy, as well as the landmarks of Gothic and other fiction from the Romantic period. Part of the Literature Online collection.
Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals, 1800 - 1900, Series 2 Here is a directory to the largest single body of historical documents arising out of nineteenth century England at the height of the British Empire. The Directory provides a more comprehensive, detailed and useful bibliographical record (including Locations and facsimile Title Pages) than we yet have for printed books, government publications or manuscripts of the century. It is subject- comprehensive, intending to include every periodical and newspaper published on a regular basis, from daily to annually, in every language, within England: a goldmine for cultural historians, genealogists and all subject specialists.

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