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Video Games

A guide that provides resources and guidance for students, staff, and faculty interested in games design and studies


The purpose of this Libguide is to consolidate resources for game design students, staff, and faculty. Since, the USC Game Design major covers a wide variety of subjects this guide will touch on the various intersecting disciplines within the major.


Matthew Coopilton

The Presidential Sustainability Solutions Fellow at Interactive Media Division in the Cinema School. They are currently working on researching and creating interactive media focused on climate change.They provided guidance on the content and format of the LibGuide specifically on the sections regarding resources outside of USC and tabletop games.

Richard Lemarchand

An associate professor of the Interactive Media & Games Division in the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He was also a lead game designer for Naughty Dog on the Uncharted series, a contributor to games published by Crystal Dynamics, the curator to the GDC microtalks, and the author of "A Playful Production Process (for Game Designers and Everyone)". He provided overall guidance for the format and content of the LibGuide, especially the Video Game Scholarship section. He also connected me with Professor Russworm and Matthew Coopilton.

TreaAndrea M. Russworm

A Professor of the Interactive Media & Games Division in the Cinema School. She is also the editor of Power Play: Games, Politics, Culture, director of the Radical Play Game Design Lab, and contributing writer and editor to various books, films, journals, movies, and television. She provided guidance for the overall format and content of the LibGuide especially the Video Game scholarship section and the Online Resource section.

Billy Smith

The Library Assistant Manager of the Cinema Library. He provided the excel sheet listing the library's video game collection and information on the Cinema Library's policies.