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Wildfire in California and the West


Welcome to the West on Fire: California Wildfire Research Guide! This guide functions as a complement to the Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West’s West on Fire Project. Our primary goal is to provide a centralized network of scholarly and practical sources to those seeking information about wildfire in California. 

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The curation process involved the accumulation of resources from different online sources. Whether you’re a student, scholar, or simply someone interested in California wildfires, this guide is intended to make it easier to access information and primary source material related to fire.

Please note that this is an iterative research guide created in the summer of 2023. These resource lists are in no way exhaustive but act as a selection of current resources. We are always adding new sources and expanding our material. If you are aware of any online sources, special collections, or other materials that are not represented in this guide, please email 

These resources were compiled by Scarlett Pinkey in consultation with members of the West on Fire project team. 



Inside Climate News | Thibaud Moritz | AFP via Getty Images NC State University | College of Natural Resources News | Photo via iStock
FOX12 Oregon | Map from The State of Oregon | Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer

Frederic Chouinard | SOPFEU | Anadolu Agency | via Getty Images