JOUR 499 Ghana:Immersive Reporting: Culture in Ghana

Ghana Maymester


Twi Language

Twi is the language of the Akan people and one of the most widely spoken languages in Ghana.

Hello Agoo
Hi Amee
Good morning Maakye
Good afternoon Maaha
Good evening Maadwo
Welcome Akwaaba
How are you? Ete sen?
I am fine Meho ye
How are you also? Wonso woho te sen?
I am also fine Menso meho ye
Please Mepa wo akyew
Excuse me Mepa wo akyew
Sorry Kafra
Thank you Medaase
White person Obroni
Black person Obibini
Me Me
You Wo
I hear you Mati
Okay Yoo
Water Nsuo
Food Aduane
Meat Enam
Money Sika
How much? Eye sen?
Goodbye Bye bye
Please give me Me pa wo akyew ma me
I do not have Menni
Where? Ehen?
Where are you going? Woko hen?
What is your name? Ye fre wo sen?
My name is Steve Ye fre me Steve
What is your name also? Wonso ye fre wo sen?
I am also Eric Menso ye fre me Eric
Male Obarima
Female Obaa
Today Ene
Tomorrow Okyena
Yesterday Enora