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Finding Photos in the International Missionary Photography Archive

The purpose of this guide is to provide tips and techniques in searching the USC Digital Library to find photographs in the International Missionary Photography Archive

Item Records

In this system folders are signified by a stack of papers on top of an image. This is a folder 


  1. Breadcrumbs - tell you which collection/subcollection and folder your item is in
  2. Title of the item/folder 
  3. Metadata - the blue links are clickable and from controlled vocabularies. They generate a search for that term in the entire Digital Library. 
  4. Search box - if this contains lots of pages that have been OCR'd you can search for individual page text here. 
  5. Folder contents. Here it is the back and front of a post card.
  6. Inherited values are the metadata that a child record gets from a parent. All records are part of collections and subcollections. This record inherited metadata from the Historical Postcard Collection.